Resident & Staff Testimonials

What do you like about living at Silver Birch?

“My stay here at Silver Birch has been great for me. I came here Oct. 4th, 2017. I was the 25th resident to move in. from day one of moving in Silver Birch, I have been an advocate for the residents as well as myself. I have helped many during my stay here.

My most memorable moments is being able to facilitate Arts N Crafts workshops for my neighbors. It helps the residents in the creation of new neurons, which promote them to focus, concentrate. In addition, purposeful movements, leading to less pain, it helps to enhance the natural immune system.

Just being able to help others is rewarding because this is something that I have always done in my lifetime. Since being here I have been Resident Council President and Secretary, as well as volunteer committees. I love living at Silver Birch of Hammond.” – Velma Chew, Resident at Silver Birch of Hammond

What do you like about working in assisted living?

“I LOVE working in Assisted Living because I feel it makes me a better person. I wake up every morning energized to come in and make sure our residents have everything they need to live their lives comfortably. For me, the pay back is making them laugh, nothing warms my heart more than hearing our residents laugh and here at Silver Birch they laugh a lot.” Rebecca Arthur, Executive Director at Silver Birch of Michigan City

The love of working for Assisted Living Community is very rewarding for me. The residents here are upbeat and mobile and are always looking for ways to improve their quality of life. I really enjoy being the individual assisting them with all those experiences. Since coming to Silver Birch, it has given me a newfound respect and outlook on life. The residents here are just as much an inspiration to me as I strive to be for them.Lauren Tyner, Life Enrichment Coordinator at Silver Birch of Hammond

“I love working for Silver Birch because their mission is something that really speaks to me personally. I love being able to impact peoples lives in a positive way. Being able to work with and give back to the community is something I have always been passionate about and working in assisted living allows me to do this.” Brittany Wade, Marketing Director at Silver Birch of Evansville

What do you like about working at Silver Birch?

” The staff is pleasant, we work as a team and pull together when needed. My bosses are amazing and understanding. I love interacting with the residents and doing things to make their day better. I like the activities that residents have to do and the store is a huge plus for them. Overall I don’t go home stressed out and know that my residents are being taken care of. We have a great team and I love my Silver Birch family.Jena Prater, CNA at Silver Birch of Terre Haute

Working at Silver Birch has given me the perfect opportunity to engage and service the geriatric community. It makes my heart feel good to be apart of making a difference in the life of our Seniors. Silver Birch is a very encouraging workplace.Celethea Joseph, Dietary Aid at Silver Birch of Hammond

I like working at Silver Birch because I enjoy interacting with and helping our Residents… I consider myself to be shy, and learning about the Residents has helped me come out of my shell. It is very rewarding to work here. I was recently able to spend some time with a new Resident who was having a difficult time adjusting to life in assisted living.” Summer, Hospitality Aid at Silver Birch of Michigan City