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Rebecca Arthur

“I LOVE working in Assisted Living because I feel it makes me a better person. I wake up every morning energized to come in and make sure our residents have everything they need to live their lives comfortably. For me, the pay back is making them laugh, nothing warms my heart more than hearing our residents laugh and here at Silver Birch they laugh a lot.”

– Rebecca Arthur, Executive Director at Silver Birch of Michigan City
Lauren Tyner

“The love of working in assisted living because it is very rewarding for me. The residents here are upbeat and mobile and are always looking for ways to improve their quality of life. I really enjoy being the individual assisting them with all those experiences. Since coming to Silver Birch, it has given me a newfound respect and outlook on life. The residents here are just as much an inspiration to me as I strive to be for them.”

– Lauren Tyner, Life Enrichment Coordinator at Silver Birch of Hammond
Brittany Wade

“I love working for Silver Birch because their mission is something that really speaks to me personally. I love being able to impact people’s lives in a positive way. Being able to work with and give back to the community is something I have always been passionate about and working in assisted living allows me to do this.”

– Brittany Wade, Marketing Director at Silver Birch of Evansville
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