Silver Birch Living is a growing family of premier affordable assisted living communities that promote wellness, convenience, and community. We help seniors live an inspired life no matter their financial situation and have designed a community that makes quality assisted living affordable for everyone.  We are driven by our mission to Inspire Purposeful Lives for All and our core values every day in everything that we do.

Seniors laughing together sitting down at assisted living community at Silver Birch

Our Core Values

The words that define what we practice each day.

  • Own It!

    When we commit to something, we own it. Every day, we hold ourselves accountable to get it done.

  • Respect It!

    Everybody is a somebody. Each day, we express dignity and respect through a spirit of service.

  • Improve It!

    We are a learning organization, constantly improving ourselves through a listening ear and an open mind. We strive to be better tomorrow than we are today

  • Celebrate It!

    We don’t use the good china just on holidays. We believe in celebrating successes, large and small.

  • Live It!

    We believe in being genuine. We speak openly and truthfully about expectations and concerns.

Exceptional and affordable assisted living for the elderly

Our Customer Service Non-Negotiables

The words that define what we practice when meeting someone.

  • Smile!

    We smile when we see a resident, visitor, or coworker.

  • Greet!

    We greet those that we smile to, by saying hello. If we know their name, we use it. If we don't know their name, we ask for it.

  • Listen Intently!

    We don't just ask, we listen when someone tells us how their day is.

  • Be Kind!

    We always respond kindly, even when the other person may not.

Our Leadership

Our leadership team is committed to serving Indiana seniors by providing affordable assisted living in communities that do not currently offer our quality of services and amenities. We believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful and safe place to live no matter their financial means.

Dave Cocagne

Dave Cocagne


Why I go to work every day? Neighborhood revitalization is something I have been passionate about for a long time. Every day I come to work with the goal of creating affordable assisted living communities, in neighborhoods that do not currently have our quality of services and amenities available to them. Everyone deserves to have […]

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Mark Laubacher

Mark Laubacher

Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman

Why I go to work every day? I enjoy that Silver Birch challenges all of us to learn and grow, both professionally and personally. I enjoy developing new approaches and process improvements, particularly the strategizing and problem-solving that both require. I’ve been stretched in dimensions I would not have attempted five years ago. How did […]

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Mary Beth Burgis

Mary Beth Burgis

Vice President for Accounting and Treasury

Why I go to work every day? To develop new environments that provide top-notch care for our residents in interactive, safe and affordable communities. To do this well, we must collaborate between all disciplines – design, construction, marketing, legal, accounting and human resources. I enjoy this intermeshing of ideas and strive to use them to […]

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Joe Zukauskas

Joe Zukauskas

Vice President for Sales and Marketing

Why I go to work every day? There are two main reasons I love working at Silver Birch every day. The first reason is that I have a passion to help people as a solution provider.  I love that Silver Birch provides me the opportunity to help those who need affordable assisted living find a […]

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Shannon Mohar

Shannon Mohar

Vice President for Human Resources

Why I go to work every day? I come to work every day because what we do as an organization is important and my role serving and supporting our employees is something that I cherish. It’s important that the individuals who take care of our residents are also taken care of. I know that I […]

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Join the team!

At Silver Birch, we are invested in the success of each team member. Silver Birch strives to be an organization where everyone who works here feels like they are part of one company following one mission.

Employment Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

By sharing their skills, our volunteers create meaningful experiences that separate Silver Birch from traditional assisted living facilities.

Volunteer Opportunities