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Exercise for seniors

Top Exercise Classes at Assisted Living Facilities

Staying active is important as we age. Assisted living facilities like Silver Birch offer a variety of programs that help keep seniors active. Here’s a quick glance at how we keep seniors active with personalized therapy or group exercise classes. Group Exercise Classes The most popular community events at Silver Birch are our group exercise […]

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How Seniors are Staying Active

How Seniors are Staying Active in Assisted Living Facilities

For our residents at Silver Birch Living’s assisted living facilities across Indiana, you’ll find a number of adventures on the list of assisted living activities to keep seniors active. We have a clear vision of what life looks like at Silver Birch through our Inspiring Purposeful Lives Program. We provide our senior living residents with […]

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Quality of life seniors

How Assisted Living Enhances Quality of Life for Seniors

According to the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living, 800,000 individuals live in assisted living facilities across the United States. Many of our Silver Birch residents often choose assisted living to take advantage of the enhanced quality of life for seniors, excellent care and compassionate attention found in our tailored […]

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Nutritional health assisted living facilities

6 Questions with Chef Lawrence

With over 30 years of experience in the dietary and nutritional culinary scene, Chef Lawrence has worked around the world from kitchens in France and Germany to cookeries in famous hotels and restaurants. Today, Chef Lawrence leads the culinary scene at one of his favorite places so far–the kitchen at Silver Birch’s assisted living facility […]

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Senior care assisted living facility indiana

What Caregivers Need to Know About Senior Care and Nutrition

Senior care for an aging loved one requires commitment and patience. Have you ever heard your aging parent express, “I’m just not hungry” in response to the question “What would you like to eat?” It’s not unusual for home caregivers to face frustrations when encouraging an elderly loved one to eat.  March is recognized as […]

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Assisted living healthy eating

10 Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors in Assisted Living

Eating healthy is important at every age, but as we grow older our dietary needs change. For seniors living at any of Silver Birch’s nine residential assisted facilities in Indiana, we provide residents with a snack and three meals a day in our restaurant-style dining rooms. Our experienced chefs create meals that are healthy for […]

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Silver Birch Assisted Living

3 Tips to Building Connections in Assisted Living

For any stage of life, it can be difficult to foster new friendships, but it can be even more difficult as a senior at an assisted living facility. After all, it’s friendships, connections and care for others that truly make a retirement community a community. If you or your loved one is moving to a […]

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Beating The Winter Blues

  It’s that time of year. The holidays are over but winter is just beginning. While many people love the winter months, the cold, snowy, icy weather can pose several challenges for seniors, especially if they live on their own and have difficulties with activities of daily living.   Some challenges that may affect seniors […]

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3 Ways to Encourage Your Aging Parent

  Winter can be a difficult season for everyone. With cold temperatures, dark nights, and holiday stress, it’s no wonder these long months are taxing on mental health. This is especially true for senior citizens who feel isolated. If your parent lives alone, here are a few ideas to make the winter less gloomy:   […]

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Assisted Living Nutrition

Tips to Help Boost a Senior’s Immune System

A strong immune system is an important component of good health. Not only will it help to fight off infections and illnesses but it will also help people to live a more active lifestyle as they get older. There are many different things people can do in order to help boost a senior’s immune system, […]

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Safety Measures at Silver Birch

The staff at all of our Silver Birch locations prioritize the safety of our residents before anything else. In addition to our normal safety measures that are in place, we have many new ones to help protect our residents from the coronavirus. Keep reading to learn more about some of the precautions we take to […]

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Making the Transition to Assisted Living Easier

When the time comes for your loved one to make the move to an assisted living community, there are many things to consider. Making the transition as smooth as possible is one of the top things to think about. Keep reading to find different ways to help ease the stress of the move for not […]

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How to Start the Search for a Senior Living Community

  The process of moving to a senior living community can be overwhelming for both you and your loved one. There are many different aspects to keep in mind to ensure you are choosing the right place. To ease the stress ahead, here are 4 tips to keep in mind when searching for a Senior […]

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Frequently Asked Medicare Questions

Navigating the next steps for your loved one can feel confusing and unclear. Silver Birch is an assisted living community that offers to prescreen and consult prior to submitting your Medicaid application. Our team is there to help you understand your eligibility for Medicaid, as well as the approval process. Keep reading to learn more […]

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Benefits to Moving to a Senior Living Community

Are you or a loved one looking to make the move to a senior living community? Making the transition can seem overwhelming at first but there are many benefits to making the move. Keep reading to learn just a few of the advantages you’ll find when moving to a community.  Simplify Your Expenses  Seniors who […]

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Assisted Living Vs. Nursing Home

The terms assisted living and nursing home are oftentimes used interchangeably to describe a senior living community. Keep reading to learn more about the differences you will find living in an assisted living community vs. a nursing home and decide what would be the best option for you or your loved one. Level of Assistance […]

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Assisted Living for Married Couples

There are many adjustments that come with moving into an assisted living community, but living apart from your spouse doesn’t have to be one of those. Silver Birch is an assisted living community that invites married couples to make the move together. Allowing seniors to continue living with their spouses in an independent living community […]

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2020 at Silver Birch Assisted Living

2020 was an eventful year for most but we have a lot to be grateful for when looking back. Our teams at each of our communities have continued to make each resident’s experience at Silver Birch memorable. Take a moment to enjoy an end-of-year recap video from each of our nine senior living communities locations.  […]

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assisted living

7 Questions to Ask an Assisted Living Community

Making the move to an assisted living community can be a big adjustment for seniors and their loved ones. Finding the right senior living community can help to alleviate the stress that can come with that transition. Here are 7 questions to ask an assisted living community while you are visiting to get a better […]

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