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Top Exercise Classes at Assisted Living Facilities

Exercise for seniors Staying active is important as we age. Assisted living facilities like Silver Birch offer a variety of programs that help keep seniors active. Here’s a quick glance at how we keep seniors active with personalized therapy or group exercise classes.

Group Exercise Classes

The most popular community events at Silver Birch are our group exercise classes because it brings residents together to support physical and mental health.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite classes:

  • Stretching & mobility – Stretching is one of the lowest impact exercises. Reaching, bending and grasping are important aspects of stretching and maintaining mobility. 
  • Walking – In our large, beautiful courtyard and outdoor spaces, we encourage exercise like walking to increase strength and mobility. With a watchful eye from our caregivers, our residents who choose to walk for exercise can improve stability or balance issues. We also provide any equipment they may need like canes and walkers.
  • Thai Chi – Tai chi is a gentle exercise that helps seniors improve balance and prevent falls. It consists of making slow, graceful movements while breathing deeply.
  • Chair Aerobics – Chair exercises are a great and low-impact way to incorporate movements into an everyday routine. 
  • Games – There are plenty of games that get the heart pumping. From yard games in the outdoor courtyard on a beautiful summer day to beating the winter blues with board games near the fire in the common area, games keep our assisted living residents laughing and moving no matter what season of the year or life.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Unlike some assisted living facilities, Silver Birch has both physical and occupational therapy on-site. With approval from the resident’s physician, our seniors can work with therapists in their apartments or in a designated exercise space on campus. This easy access to therapy appointments not only increases participation but also provides time for residents, caregivers and therapists to discuss specific health needs together. 

Physical therapy work focuses on large muscle movements to increase or maintain muscle tone and endurance, giving seniors a better chance at performing tasks independently and decreasing their risk of falling. Caregivers also work with residents to perform prescribed exercises that increase range of motion and strength.

Focused on fine motor movements, occupational therapy helps seniors with mobility deficits because of health issues like arthritis or a stroke. Occupational therapy helps our assisted living residents learn new ways to complete daily tasks. These therapists can help find adaptive equipment to return independent living to seniors, which can positively affect self-esteem as well as body awareness.

By working with a physical or occupational therapist, residents can decrease the risk of falling and build their endurance to complete daily tasks with independence. While the majority of therapy services are short-term, with specific goals set after an initial assessment, ongoing restorative programs are offered and can be helpful for healthy aging. 

If you are interested in learning more about Silver Birch’s assisted living amenities or community features we’re happy to give you a tour of any of our nine facilities across Indiana. Contact us today and let’s find a time to connect about your loved one’s next home.