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Beating The Winter Blues


It’s that time of year. The holidays are over but winter is just beginning.

While many people love the winter months, the cold, snowy, icy weather can pose several challenges for seniors, especially if they live on their own and have difficulties with activities of daily living.  

Some challenges that may affect seniors during the winter include…

  • Grocery shopping, cooking, nutritionally eating
  • Get into/out of bed or chair
  • Getting Dressed
  • Walking / Climbing Stairs.
  • Keeping Safe /Access to emergency response systems
  • Bathing or Showering
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Toilet hygiene.


In addition, while the risk of falls and hypothermia are always top winter concerns, there’s one health complication that often flies under the radar. Isolation and Depression.

Isolation is always a concern for senior citizens who live alone, but it becomes especially dangerous during the winter months. The winter weather can make it tough for older adults to get out of the house, further increasing feelings of loneliness. The reduction in daylight hours during the winter can also lead to depression. It can all add up to increased health risks for seniors. This is why it’s important to identify the common symptoms of depression due to isolation.


Common symptoms may include…

  • Experiencing changes in weight and appetite
  • Feelings of hopelessness, sadness, or worthlessness
  • Losing interest in your passions or activities you usually enjoy
  • Oversleeping
  • Having a hard time concentrating
  • Feel physically weak, tiredness or low energy
  • Having a higher level of anxiety

If you see these signs in you or someone you love now it might be time to consider moving to an assisted living community. Assisted living offers seniors benefits all year long, but there are some specific advantages that come with living in these communities in the winter.

One of the biggest advantages of moving into an assisted living community is the ability to enjoy a wealth of amenities at any time. Many of these amenities are put in place to help relieve stress and give time to do the things you or your loved one enjoy. At Silver Birch, our care teams provide safety, health, and wellness services and programs designed to promote happiness.


Here are some of the amenities offered at Silver Birch Communities:

  • 24-hour staff
  • Assistance with Daily Living Activities
  • Three Meals as well as Snacks
  • Medication Management, Delivery, and Reminders
  • Free Weekly Laundry and Housekeeping
  • Social, recreational, and wellness programming
  • Regular health and wellness checks including weight monitoring, blood pressure, and nurse consultations


Want to learn more about living at Silver Birch? Contact us today to get connected with one of our team members. Our team will be able to walk you through what to expect, costs, and financing options as well as the next steps.

In addition, our community Eligibility Coordinators are a great resource for anyone looking for affordable senior living and care options in the state of Indiana.  Whether you are looking for affordable private pay assisted living options or Medicaid waiver financial support assisted living options the Eligibility Coordinator is there for you every step of the way.

Silver Birch Living is a growing family of premier affordable assisted living communities that promote wellness, convenience, and community. We help seniors live an inspired life no matter their financial situation and have designed a community that makes quality assisted living affordable for everyone.  We are driven by our mission to Inspire Purposeful Lives for All and our core values every day in everything that we do.