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3 Tips to Building Connections in Assisted Living

Silver Birch Assisted Living

For any stage of life, it can be difficult to foster new friendships, but it can be even more difficult as a senior at an assisted living facility. After all, it’s friendships, connections and care for others that truly make a retirement community a community.

If you or your loved one is moving to a senior living facility, developing new connections can quickly create a positive transition experience. Let’s nourish your mind, body and spirit. Here are 3 tips for those living in retirement communities to build friendships and socialize with others.

1. Be approachable and welcoming

Preventing senior isolation is key to a successful transition or life at a senior living facility. Silver Birch strives to keep seniors healthy, connected, engaged and active. Whether it’s assisted living or senior housing, reaching out to others is key to establishing a welcoming, open and friendly environment. Your next conversation can start with something simple. Maybe ask a question, show someone around the assisted living facility or connect two people through a simple introduction. That’s not only a way to reach those quiet and shy individuals, but it might just be your friendly attitude and connection that might spur a conversation or new relationship. Learn more about how we do that, by visiting our Experience page.

2. Share a seat at the table

Sharing a meal with a friend is a special, intimate way to create a connection over what could be perceived as a simple routine. In senior living communities, it’s common to see a large table for meals with plenty of seating. If you’re looking to create connections and build friendships, sit at a different table each day to connect with new individuals. To avoid developing cliques, invite others to join your table or leave seats open for others to join. Don’t know what to talk about? This is your time to learn, listen and ask questions. And we’re here to answer your questions, too. Explore our FAQ page to learn answers to common questions.

3. Get moving!

There are plenty of opportunities to explore the assisted living community campus and stay active. Top-notch senior care is at the heart of Silver Birch’s wellness services. From activity programming to beautifully-designed common areas, we create space to mingle, connect with others and enjoy quiet conversations. Visit the on-site library to explore another world. Invite another to grab a coffee at the cafe after a trip to the hair salon. Even the cozy outdoor patio and relaxing campus grounds provide opportunities to get active and engage with others.

If events aren’t your thing, Silver Birch has a full calendar of scheduled events for the senior living communities. From birthday parties to holiday celebrations to arts and crafts, there are plenty of opportunities to fill your days with meaningful connections and new friendships. Our vision for the Inspiring Purposeful Lives Program is to provide our senior living residents with intentional experiences that help them remain passionate and engaged in life. Discover more details about this unique program on our Experience page.

If you want to learn more about how life is different at Silver Birch, contact us today to get connected with one of our team members. We can walk you through the process and answer your questions about cost, financing and next steps.