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What Residents are Saying about Silver Birch Living

Silver Birch Living’s assisted living communities are a great fit for seniors 55 and older, offering everything seniors need in one place to live life to the fullest. From our wellness services and activity programming to the beautifully appointed common areas and 3 meals a day, our assisted living facilities are designed to help seniors feel energized and supported.

We recently caught up with residents from across Silver Birch Living’s nine locations

Here’s what they had to say about their experience.

  1. “As a resident, I was welcomed by a caring staff. I was made to feel this new chapter in my life was a new beginning. The facility is beautiful, and I enjoy the activities provided… Having faced cancer and now grateful to be in remission, I am enjoying assisted living at this facility. Moving forward, feeling safe and comfortable with caring staff, family and friends’ support.” — Kathy Zimmerman 
  2. “Great community of residents that look out for each other that treat each other like family.” — Robin Marrow 
  3. “It is a beautiful place and has a friendly atmosphere.” — Lorinda Harkenrider  
  4. “Friendly atmosphere and wonderful staff! It’s great to see the work they do with the community!” — Branden M. Pompey
  5. “Great place to live, great staff and lots of fun activities.” — Cathy Fotia 
  6. “New to Silver Birch of Muncie and I am finding the staff kind and caring. They work hard and appreciate each other’s responsibilities even if on other teams! I appreciate each and every associate there!” — Joe Collins
  7. “It’s a very nice place to live. Many friendly people. Beautiful on the inside. And the staff is excellent.” — Janice Buchan Lykins
  8. “It’s not a nursing home, it’s assisted living. You have your own apartment and nurses and aids on staff if you are having any problems. And 3 hot cooked meals a day. And they even will wash your clothes. And the shower in your apt is the biggest And best shower I ever had or ever seen. I’m very happy here.” — Gregory Spencer 
  9. “The quality of my life has improved by 85%. There are things I need to have help with. Many other areas of my being find comfort in knowing I am able to try to accomplish things on my own. I have so much love and gratitude for all those around me, both residents and staff. I’m thankful my children no longer have to worry if I’m ok. I still have a journey each and every day ahead on my path in life. With God’s help and those around me, I now will continue to strive for joy and peace on this journey. Thanks to all who help me.” — Faye Sanford 

Silver Birch Living is a growing family of premier affordable assisted living communities that promote wellness, convenience and community. No matter the financial situation, we help seniors live an inspired life and make quality assisted living affordable for everyone. 

Our community Eligibility Coordinators are a great resource for anyone looking for affordable senior living and care options in the state of Indiana. Whether you are looking for affordable private pay assisted living options or Medicaid waiver financial support assisted living options the Eligibility Coordinator is there for you every step of the way.

Contact us to learn more about Silver Birch Living and the Medicaid waiver process.